Guitar syllabus

Beginning Guitar Syllabus


                                          2018-2019 Beginning Guitar Syllabus
Welcome to Beginning Guitar. This semester we will be building your knowledge of musical terms and instrumental techniques that correlate to playing the guitar. This class is designed for students who have never played the guitar.

 Course Objectives and Goals 
  • Basic chords and chord songs
  •           Parts of the guitar and proper playing position
  • Simple strumming patterns
  • Music and tab reading basics
Material Requirements

·     Guitar pic (can be purchased from teacher for .25)
·    Flash drive for student data folder
·     Acoustic Guitar

The school has a limited number of guitars that students can check out for the semester on a first come first serve basis. In order to check out a guitar students must first pay their $20 arts fee. (If you are to buy your own guitar please see Ms. Hairston first, often times students get a guitar that is not as user friendly to beginners causing students to not be as successful.)       

·         There is a $20 County Arts Fee for this class to help pay for instruments, instructional materials, and trips during class. Student may pay this directly to Ms. Hairston or their homeroom teacher. If students pay their homeroom teacher they must bring the receipt to Ms. Hairston. This is to avoid students being charged twice.

Performance Requirement

As a showcase of what we have learned this semester all Guitar students are required to participate in our annually Spring Concert May 30th at 7pm. Please plan accordingly because participation is required. If students miss the required practice or performances they will have to complete a lengthy make-up assignment that usually includes writing a long paper, completing a project presentation and learning and performing a solo in front of other classes of students. Most students find that it is much more enjoyable and faster to attend required events then to compete the makeup assignments.    

Grading Policy
75 % Evaluation (tests, quizzes, formal, and informal Performances)

25% Class Participation, Quizzes and tests, concerts and Performances
Every day students can receive up to 20 point toward class participate for a total of 100 points by Friday. If a student is talking and disrupting class the highest they can receive that day is 10 points. Also, if a student is absent they do not receive points for the day. However, students may stay after school to practice and make up time for full grade credit. This is not an “everybody gets an A class” often times this class is a harder class to get an A then in a general education class. The reason for this is because my students must work hard every day and come to required events on time to get full credit. If you are just looking for a sit back class to get an A in this is not the class for you. 
 Weekly playing test

 Each week students will have to complete one playing test. These will be based the weekly chords and or vocabulary skill. Students will complete these tests simply by making a recording and uploading it to the quiz laptop. Then saving it to their student data flash drive.

Missed Performances / Make-up Work
If a student misses a performance for any reason other than a prior approved school function, they are required to complete a written make up assignment. This assignment will be given out the day after the performance. Students will have five days to complete this assignment. There will be no make-up for a make-up assignment and late work will not be accepted. Failure to do this make up assignment will result in a zero for the performance.

After School Help
After school help is offered every Monday-Thursday afternoon until 3:30. If you need to make up class participation time, help, or a lesson feel free to stay after school. Please do not wait till the day grades are due to try and make up three weeks’ worth of class participation grades. Make up time is based on the amount of time you say.
Our classroom expectations are as follows:
1.   Do not talk or play while Ms. Hairston is talking
2.   Always be respectful
3.   Always show class
If these expectations are not met the following consequences will result.
1.   Student will be given a warning and points will be removed from Daily Class Participation Grade.
2.   Students will be moved to a different seat and may receive an alternate book assignment for the day.  Parent contact will also occur for first time offenders. 
3.   Written referral to the office.
Students may receive a parent notice at any point during this process, if this notice is not signed and returned the next day students will automatically be referred to the office.  All consequences are at the discretion of the Band Director and may change as Ms. Hairston sees appropriate.
Performance Ineligibility
If a student misses any of the required practices, has repeated class disruptions, and or lack of participation they will be notified of their ineligibility to perform. When students are ineligible for a performance, they must still do the make-up written assignment to receive credit for the performance. Failure to do this make up assignment will result in a zero for the performance.  Any and all performance ineligibility decisions will be at the digression of the Band Director and will be on an individual basis.  

Tobacco Use

Zero Tolerance policy if a student is found in possession of or using any form of tobacco, drug or alcohol on the first offence the school policy will be followed in addition to the student no longer being eligible to participate in any band events or functions.  

(School policy)
The possession or use of tobacco and non- tobacco products at school is a violation of the Columbus County Board of Education policy. (See attached policy.) Penalties are as follows:
First offense: 3 days ISS/OSS, Parent notification
Second offense: 5 days ISS/OSS
Third offense: 10 days OSS, Recommendation for Alternative Academy
 Field Trips
In the event that we take a field trip, students who frequently disrupt class and do not complete assignments and tasks will be ineligible to participate. Anyone ineligible for the field trip will be notified by Ms. Hairston. As the Band Director, I reserve the right to leave any student I feel cannot behave or has not earned the right to participate in a field trip, at school. If the trip is accompanied with an assignment, all ineligible students will have to complete an alternate written assignment to receive credit.
When students are given the privilege to participate in any extra-curricular activity sponsored by the school, they are representing the school. Students are expected to obey all rules and regulations governing student conduct.
Students who fail to abide by school rules and regulations may forfeit their privilege of attending school events and/or participating in school events for a designated period of time.
**Prior to taking any trips we will discuss all expectations and restrictions as stated above and in the school hand book. If students do not follow regulations and expiations during the trip the loss of trip privileges will result.
Keep Your Section Clean
Last semester we had issues with people leaving food, drinks, trash, books, cloths and music around the Band Room. It is not my responsibility to clean up after you. If you leave your things in the room they will be thrown out. And if I have to clean up after you, your class participation grader will be lowered each time you leave your area a mess.  
 Food/ Drink Policy
No food or drinks in the band room, this includes gum and candy.
Tardy Policy
We will follow the schools tardy policy that is as follows:
Tardy 1: Warning
Tardy 2: Warning
Tardy 3: 1 day ISS
Tardy 4: 2 days ISS
Tardy 5: 3 days ISS
1. If a student reports to a class ten minutes late or later, the student will remain with Mrs. Hemmingway in ISS.
2. The student will be marked absent for the period missed.
3. If a student reports to class late, but within ten minutes after class has started, the student will be admitted to class and marked “Tardy” on the SIMS report.
**Students will have 3 min after the bell to collect their materials for the day and take their seat.  If they are not in their seat and ready 3 min after the bell, 5 points will be removed from their class participation grade that day.
Cell phones and other electronic devices
We will also follow the school policy that does not allow electronic devices during the school day. If an electronic device is seen in class the student will be told put it away first if the device is seen again the consequences will be as follows:
First offense: Take up and return to parents
Second offense: Keep until end of school year
Bathroom Policy
I do not mind allowing students to use the bathroom when necessary but I have found that some students take advantage of this freedom. Students need to use the bathroom on the way to class not come in the door as the bell rings then ask to go to the bathroom every day. Students will not be permitted to use the bathroom until midway through the class and they will not be permitted to leave class for the bathroom every day.
 Daily Routine
Ø  After the bell you have three minutes to collect your sight-reading book, music, materials and instrument
Ø  Once you have all items begin your personal warm-up and review from previous day
Ø  Class will begin with a vocabulary notebook assignment
Ø  Group warm-up
Ø  Class activity for the day
Ø  Pack up, clean area, return sight reading book

Syllabus Contract
I have read and agreed to the requirements for the Beginning Guitar Course and I will adhere to the conditions of this contract.

(Initial each)

Student            Parent
                                     I understand and agree to the class grading policy

                                     I understand and agree to the field trip and tobacco policy and regulations

                                     I understand that my child is required to participate in the Spring Concert on May 21st

Student’s  Name________________________________Signature__________________________                                                                                   
Parent's  Signature_________________________________  Date__________________________
Teacher's Signature_________________________________Date_________________________
Parent Contact Number                                                                                                                                   
Note:  A copy of this contract will be kept in the student's file.


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