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South Columbus High School  Marching Band Camp  It is time again to prepare for next year’s marching band season. In order for us have a successful and winning season we must take steps to help get our band get started early. We will be having our annual band camp on  June 12-15   from  5-8 pm   and  August 13-17  from 4 - 8 pm .  This camp is completely free and will be held in the SCHS band room. Students will need outdoor clothing, instruments and water for camp.  It is  very important  that students attend band camp, during this time we learn show music, football music and their position in this year field show. Students who do not attend camp will be very far behind and may not be able to catch up, Please make every effort to attend.   Parents, it is also very important that you join our marching band remind101 to receive messages, reminders and further information about camp, practices, any other upcoming activities. To join text the message  @schsband17  to the number