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Leadership forms

Great job at CTA! This week we will be working on preparations and plans for the middle school visit/recruitment day next week.   Leadership intent form Anyone who is interested in a leadership position next year please fill out the above intent form. Student leaders can be in any grade level and are chosen based on ensemble need and previous class participation. Please note that just because you were previously in a leadership role does not mean you will be in one next year it is not because you did not do a great job it may simply be because our needs have changed. Student leaders will be chosen based on what is best for the ensemble. This weeks quiz is a 20min practice or sectional out side of class. No recordings due this week.
Quiz week 8 if not in CTA see band room door for recording info Celebrate the Arts-HS Band Friday School Uniform Saturday 1:45pm at WHS Concert @ 8:30 Tux or Formal dress Friday, March 24 8:00- 8:15         Clinician arrives 9:00 – 11:45         Rehearsal                     WHS Band Room TBA             Breaks at clinician’s discretion 11:45 - 12:15            Lunch                         WHS Cafeteria 12:15 - 2:00         Rehearsal continues              WHS Band Room 2:00             Dismiss students to return to home schools Saturday,  March 25   1:45 @WHS 1:30             Clinician arrives 2:00 - 3:00         Rehearsal                     WHS Stage 3:00 - 4:30         Rehearsal                     WHS Band Room 4:30 - 5:00         Dinner                         WHS Cafeteria 5:00 - 7:30         Rehearsal                     WHS Band Room 7:55             Places in Auditorium for MS Band         WHS Auditorium 8:30             Performance

3/12 Week 7 Quiz

Week 7 Quiz Due Friday 3/17   Practice 20 min outside of class with a friend and ..   Record Concert Db 3rds Page 37 exercise 9 from warm-up packet           Percussion -                 El Cumbanchero  measure 1-21 record individual or with a group your choice     20 min Practice – 40 points Music - 60 points Rubric 0-30       Poor Performance, several mistakes in pitch or articulation, missing octaves or arpeggios, missing note in key signature 30-40     Fair but some mistakes in pitch or articulation, missing octaves or arpeggios, missing note in key signature 40-50     Good but less mature, very few mistakes in pitch or articulation 50-60     Excellent performance  Need Extra Credit??? get an extra 20 min practice before  the end of the day Tuesday and receive an extra 40 quiz  points for each extra 20 min session

March 6th updates

MPA Wednesday  Arrive : 7:45 am (if you arrive before 7:45 you dont have to have school uniform) Bus leaves at 8 am Making a stop on the way to change Perform at West Johnston High School 12:25 pm  (guest welcome) Return to South aprox 5:30 pm You may want to bring a snack for the bus ride, there will be a concession stand at West Johnston.                                                                 Reminders: Boys: LONG black socks, Dress shoes or CLEAN marching shoes, white under shirt Girls: Black flats or  Heals, Proper Undergarments  (remember class discussions!!) Black or Nude, no razor backs or sports bras