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Week 10

Big thanks to all the parents and students who help make the stallion Classic a wonderful success! Last week of Morning practice! Monday Tuesday - morning practice Wednesday- Thursday- morning practice (for pep rally) Friday- pep rally band shirt black pants Game 5:30 pm uniforms Saturday - Loris Band Day 12 arrival ( boosters will provide lunch) Performance time TBA  due to schedule change Sunday- Nakina Veterans Day parade 1pm (time may change) you can meet us in Nakina if you choose
Band arrives at South 8:00 AM Band leaves for Parade 8:45 AM Set up tents & fill coolers  (Need lots of strong people regardless of your role the rest of the day!) 8:45 AM Set up tables & grill/concessions equipment (Need strong people again - tables are heavy, Need Concessions crew) 9:00 AM Grill crew heats oil & grills, Concession Stand heats cheese & chili,  set up Directors' buffet  10:30 AM South Columbus  returns from Parade - change; Need bus parking crew & greeter on site 11:00 AM South Columbus eats lunch (from Grill); Need Gate Attendants on site 11:30 AM West Columbus arrives - change 12:00 PM First Pizza order arrives, West eats lunch, South practices 12:30 PM Open Gate - Need trailer crew, scor

classic week 9

We are still accepting trophy sponsorships this week! Parents we still need a lot of help on Saturday please click the link and volenteer for a job, even if it's for a few hours we need all the help we can get. Classic jobs list  I need a golf cart on Saturday if anyone has one we can barrow. Monday- trophy sponsorships due Tuesday- morning practice Wednesday- Thursday-morning practice Friday- no game Saturday- Stallion Classic Band shirt and jeans or pants ( please no gym shorts or sweatpants) Arrive 8 am Parade 9 uniforms Lunch 11:30 Warmup practice run 12:30 Bands begin to  arrive 1:20 National anthem (selected brass) 2:30 Exhibition at 7:50 Uniforms Awards 8:15 Cleanup 9-10pm.  Staying for the cleanup is part of your grade everyone will sign out after the cleanup if everyone helps we can get done faster.

Week 8

Time for some rest this week. Trophy sponsorship due this week everyone needs to sell at least one.  Monday- Tuesday- no morning practice              - flute sectional after school till 3:30 Wednesday- Thursday- Morning Practice Friday- Game Middle school night call time 5 pm

Week 7

Thank you to all our parents who helped and supported us this week! Also thank you to Ms. Frink for driving our bus on Saturday. Please send me your pics from Saturday we love posting more photos on our booster facebook page Monday - Tuesday- Morning practice,               - Fair Parade 2:15- 5 pm  Band t-shirts and black pants or shorts, bring a snack. Wednesday- Thursday- Morning Practice Band Booster Meeting 7pm Friday-  pep rally 4th pd band shirt  and black pants         - Stay after school for parade down tone tabor 4 pm         - Food Plan  TBA         - Football game Saturday - Southview band competition    4184 Elk Rd, Hope Mills, NC 28348                - Arrival time 10 am                -  food plan TBA                -  performance time 4:30 pm                - return time midnight

South Brunswick videos

Click the links for video and judges tapes   Video - slow down opens a little - turn around and horns up - transitions between sets - last two sets - fish and jelly fish music - add more softs - Add beginning pulse - more woodwind contribution - one person is way too loud ("don't try to be the hero") marching - flute horn angles!! - facing the frount all the time - upper body stabilization - don't wiggle on holds - "breathing" motions between sets Percussion - add octaves in mallet parts - marching cym must play more - bass drum sticks up and down - differentiation between accents and non accents - project visuals up to the press box Guard - big movements, especially solos - have more fun - equipment changes - always face the front -no  " cheated movements" everything big

Week 6

So proud of all your hard work! I can't wait to see what we can accomplish next. Huge thanks to all our parents who help out this weekend, we could not have done it without you. After watching the videos from this week we have a few students that need a little extra help with marching. These students will be required to attend one remediation session this week to be eligible to participate on Saturday. I will be contacting these students individually to let them know they must complete this remediation. Remediation can be done before school after school or during lunch. Remediation can be arranged on a one on one basis or students can choose the group remediation session on Wednesday afternoon. Any student may attend remediation if they would like extra help only contacted students will be required to attend remediation. Tshirts and hoodies: The second order should be in this week please pay for these items by Friday. A few people have asked for more items we will start waiting