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Concert week

Busy week this week. Be sure to double check costume requirements so that you don't miss out. Special thanks to everyone who came out and helped with the middle school concert you guys were fantastic! Check out our Facebook page for our elfie lol This week: Sunday 1 pm  concert set up (optional) should only take a few hours for us to set up Christmas decorations for concert you can come and go as needed Monday- measure 59  Celtic carol quiz ( if you were out Friday you will have an extension) Tuesday- bring your Mardi Gras costume for class check Wednesday- concert walk through (no costumes needed) Thursday- concert during the school day for elementary students,  costumes needed Parent and family Concert at 7 pm. Cost was $5 but may have changed to free I am waiting for the official word and I will send out a remind revision. call time 5:30 you can dress after warmups Friday- schs student concert in the morning at school Band colorguard and guitar Christmas party
ipad  survey Attendance survey coming soon MPA List  Grade 3 or 4 Schedule this week Friday- 2nd round play off game call time 5:30 unless it is away Quiz this week is to fill out the fill out the iPad survey and the 3rd round survey Heads up for for round three playoffs. If we win this week the 3rd round is the day after thanksgiving . Due to the holiday I will be giving double credit for this game and students will not be punished for not coming to game if they fill out and notate an absence on the attendance survey above . Please help us out, we are still required to attend and play at the game regardless of how many people show up so please help us and come if you are able.

week 11

No morning practice! Tuesday- 10-12th Graders Veterans Day school program  Concert Formal attire needed Friday- Play-off Round 1   Report time 5 pm  Uniforms           -  Due to tardiness to last weeks game and after returning from 3rd quarter break we will not be taking a break during 3rd quarter this week. Please note, you can not have someone bring you snacks during the game you will need to plan ahead and eat before you come. Hopefully we will do better and have our 3rd quarter break again next game.

Thanksgiving 2018 survey

Thanksgiving 2018 survey