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Dec 5th updates

Fantastic Job last Friday!! Two more to go.. Friday Game 5:30 pm  Be ready for the COLD!! (flash back show 😊) Quiz Due Monday 12/12 :   Intermediates- Concert C and D scale with Arpeggio                            Honors (and anyone planning to audition for district)- Complete district solo Helpful District Links 11-12 cuts     9-10 cuts   Recordings   Parent Information ( you can not register yourself this is just for information purposes. Please  DO NOT  contact anyone other then me with questions or concerns) Next week (Busy Busy) Thursday 12/15 Christmas Show-  Arrival Time  5:45 pm  Doors open at 6:30 show starts at 7 Friday 12/16 School Show and Christmas band Party  (sign up to bring something) Saturday 12/17 Possible Travel to Championship Football Game (more details coming Soon)