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Third round playoff week

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving Break here is what's to come this week... Monday- quiz reminder if you did not attend the game Friday you have a quiz due Monday. If you came to the game you can use your free 100 for this assignment. Thursday- Tabor City Christmas Parade and tree lighting                   Meet at TC elementary school at 5 pm in uniform (lights or glow sticks required for safety)  following the parade we will play Christmas music at the end of the Christmas tree lighting at the TC library. Friday - 3rd round play off   5:30pm Heads up it may be COLD (If we win we will be traveling the following Friday or Saturday but I will not have more info until next week) Christmas Concert Costume list ( reminder we have a show the half day before Christmas Break) Circus - bright, wacky tacky colors and attire, example: Tutus, crazy tights, long socks crazy layers the crazier the better. I will be ordering everyone a crazy colored afro please bring $5 4

Thanksgiving Week and calendar updates

Fantastic job last Friday! I am so proud of your hard word and great team work! Pep Rally  Tuesday?? (Yes for the fifth time they claim  we will have this pep rally         Band shirt or hoodie, black pants and marching shoes Second round playoff game this Friday. 6pm I know that some families may be going out of town this weekend therefore students will not be penalized if they notify me that they will not be in attendance on Monday by signing the sheet on the door. Please try if you are in town to attend this game I know it is not what everyone wants to do on there time off but still have to attend and support or team by playing the national anthem and the fight song.  Students who attend this game will get credit for attending as well as an extra 100 that can be used to replace any quiz or game grades that may be missing or low. If students do not sign the door on Monday notifying me of there absence and do not show up they will receive a zero for this assignment. Please no

class activity   Trombone/low brass  and trumpets     clarinet and Saxophones  Trumpets  flutes (skip to about 3 min) sorry she talks a lot lol  mallets percussion work on drifting in time  horn you can skip to about 1:30 if you want