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Week 2

Band Booster Meeting this Thursday 7-8 pm in the band room.  (extra credit will be given students who's parents/guardians attend) Uniform fittings Due Before Thursday Afternoon!!! If you have not done so already you must be fitted for a uniform outside of class before Thursday afternoon. Failure to do so will result in failing the class, because you will not be able to participate in uniformed activities. Tuesday - Morning Practice 7 am   New drill Tue morning, if you miss you will not know where to go               - Quiz 1 Due ( moved from Friday, only for people who did not come to football game)               - Colorguard Choreography Quiz 1 Thursday - Morning Practice 7 am , uniform fittings due Friday- Game 5:30 pm call time, black shirt kaki Pants or shorts, Quiz 2 Due Quiz 2 - Participate in a 30 min sectional outside of class sometime this week (sectionals are everyone who plays your instrument or instrument family example all flute or all low brass) Goal Thi

Week 1

Fantastic Job at our first game. I am so proud of everyone hard work and dedication. If you attended the game Friday you will get a free 100 for a quiz grade that you can use this week or another week on a recording quiz. Full band selfies are harder then they look. good thing we have plenty of time to try again :) Email me your photos of the game so we can share more  Paperwork to fill out this week: 1.  Order Form Link  2. Field trip forms (paper copy) 3. Syllabus contract (paper copy)    Syllabus link 4. Emergency Contact Form  Parent Booster Meeting Thurs 9/7   7-8 pm  Parents please make every effort to attend we need all the support we can get! This Weeks Schedule  Monday - First day of school (we will be outside make sure you bring shoes and cloths you can march outside in) Tuesday- Morning Practice 7am Thursday- Morning Practice 7am Friday - Recorded Quiz 1 Due Bb 3rd (we will be working on this everyday in class don't worry)               Percussion Quiz

Aug 20th Updates

Aug 20th update Awesome job at band camp so proud of all your hard work! * Colorguard practice Tuesday 8/22     9-11am * Band Practice Wednesday 8/23         11-3pm * First football Game Friday  8/25       5:30 pm Black shirt and kaki shorts or pants ( all shorts must be school length) Order form link Payments to be made the first week of school

Camp reminders

Marching Band Camp  It is time again to prepare for next year’s marching band season. In order for us have a successful and winning season we must take steps to help get our band get started early. We will be having our annual band camp on  June 13-16  from 8am- noon and  August 14-18 from 4 - 8pm .  This camp is completely free and will be held in the SCHS band room. Students will need outdoor clothing, instruments and water for camp.  It is  very important  that students attend band camp, during this time we learn show music, football music and their position in this year field show. Students who do not attend camp will be very far behind and may not be able to catch up, please make every effort to attend.   If you have summer school just come to camp on days you can attend.  Before camp please fill out our Emergency contact forms so we can be aware of any allergies or health concerns.   Emergency Contact Form     If you can not attend camp due to summer school or other

remind codes

Colorguard remind code Text  @462ch to the number 81010 Band remind @Schsband17 To the number 81010