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audition information

All-District Auditions Saturday 6th (upperclassmen) Anyone prepared to audition for all-district band must bring the $10 registration fee Tuesday morning  and then complete an audition during class. Please be honest with yourself, if you have not practiced at minimum every other day over break and have already mastered your solo and scales you are not prepared to audition. These auditions are not required  and I do not want students to audition if they are unprepared. All County Auditions (everyone) Auditions for all county band will be February 6th during school. We will be working hard every day on scales in class to prepare all students for this audition. Band Exam  The majority of your band exam will be your small ensemble songs. We will follow the same process and procedures as the quiz a few weeks ago. students will receive more detailed instruction in class. the remainder of the exam points will come from simple house keeping things like turning in your band uniform and r