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Chirstmas Show information and costumes

Christmas Show Information and Costumes  Costume Needs 1. All white (dressy) 2. All Black ( robber like)  3. Pajamas  4. Crazy elf costume  5. red white and blue (dressy)  6. Winter wear

Parade week

We made it to parade week! In preparation for our trip see swag lists below. Bring in your socks and marching shoes tomorrow. Monday- B & C swags uniform inspection  (must have shoes and socks this is a grade) Tuesday- Swag C full band and guard parade practice and trip meeting Wednesday- Swag C full band and Guard parade Practice Trip Packing Check List Uniform and shoes (packed on rolling rack Tuesday) Instrument  (packed on Thursday) Medications (Please have in original prescription bottles)  Underwear Toothbrush/toothpaste  and bathroom items Under uniform items that are black or white  Tall thick socks on Friday for skating (suggestion to avoid blisters)  Shoes  Band shirt and pants (after parade on Saturday) Friday dinner outfit  Snacks (no open drinks please)  Tips* Dont wait till the last min to pack, you will pack way too much or forget what you need.  Also I have to check all bags on Friday morning please dont pack your whole house this will slo

Week 13

No morning practice Tues and Thursday after school practice for percussion only 3:45-4:45 Friday -football game senior night report 6:15 pm black uniforms Sunday - Nakina veterans parade, meet at Nakina Baptist church at 1:15 pickup at 2:15 black uniforms