Week 11

Stallion Classic Week

We will host our band Competition at South this Saturday. This is where we make all of our money for next year. Parents please make every effort to come a support what your child loves by volunteering you time to help on Saturday.

In place of our practice grades this week each students will get a grade for signing up and bringing at least one parent or family member helper and one for turning in their trophy sponsorship. If students are not able to bring a helper and/or get a sponsorship there is a smartmusic make up assignment option available.

Please sign up Parent Helpers here 

uniform numbers here

Monday-Thurday- Collect last min sponsorship's
Friday - we need about 10 students needed after school till about 4:30 to unload drinks and food for the concession stand
Saturday Mini Schedule - 

8 am- Student and parent helper Arrival 
8-9:30- move table, chairs, trash cans, water coolers, set up tents
10-11- Concession stand Workers Arrive Bus will take students to the Yam fest parade (parents build and set the train on side line)
12- Student pizza lunch in band room (free)
1- Bands Begin to arrive/ students to work stations
2-8 pm Band performances
8:00 SCHS Band Warm-up and performance
9 pm awards - Students hand out trophies
9:30- 10:30 - clean up put all table and chairs back Students must sign the sign-out sheet with Hairston after clean up for credit


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