Week 7

Competition week 1

T-shirt and Shoe balances due this week. Shirts will be in on Wednesday.

Monday- No School
Tuesday- Morning Practice
              Parent preview full show with costumes/props and Meeting on football field - Students and pit crew parent helpers arrive at 5:15 pm preview show will begin at 6 pm

Wednesday - 
Thursday- Morning Practice
Friday- lunch money for Saturday  $4 due
Saturday- Arrival 8 am , traveling to Pinecrest High School
Picnic pizza lunch $4 per student
Dress: Jeans and Band Shirt (don't forget costume parts, shoes, socks, and hygiene products)
Address250 Voit Gilmore Ln, Southern Pines, NC 28387 
Admission cost for spectators $10 
Performance Time: 3:15 
Return time Aprox: 11 pm





quiet relaxation /study hall (Open)
(Open) Bingo and snacks
Colorguard and percussion final checks for Saturday

Here's everything you need to know for Saturday 

1st Competition Survival Guide

What to bring check list                                                                        
ü  Band T-shirt and Jeans
ü  Band shoes and Black socks
ü  Black or dark Shorts for under uniform
ü  Your instrument
ü  $ for lunch and dinner (concession stand) $15/20 suggestion
ü  Optional morning/ bus snacks, umbrella, sunblock, hats, Extra phone charger

8:00 am Full group arrival (late arrivals will NOT be tolerated so plan to be early)
 We will then head out to the football field to do a warm it a morning warm-up/practice.

9:00 am Load the Bus.  You will then have about 30 minutes to do a final bathroom break collect all of your instruments uniforms and necessary items and load the bus. At this time you will need to have on your band T-shirt and jeans. It will be your job to personally touch every single item that you need including your socks your shoes your hat ,your flags, and anything that you need for the day you were responsible for putting it on the bus or on the trailer­.

We will travel to our destination.
12:00- 12:45 pm Pizza Lunch in the park ($4 paid by Friday). Sometimes lunch will be free other days lunch may cost a small fee depending on the budget. Everyone must eat something! It will be late before we can eat again if you do not eat you risk passing out after the performance. If you have special dietary needs you are welcome to bring your own lunch.

1:15 pm Upon arrival at the new high school you must sit quietly and wait for the competition school to get on
the bus and stamp your hands. After we get our hand stamps we will go to park the bus get off and follow directors instructions to unload equipment.

1:30 pm Dress time
We will only have a short allotted time to change you will not be able to fix all of your hair and make up and other small unnecessary items during this time. This will only be a time for you to put your uniform on and get back to the bus.

2:00 pm You will then collect any necessary competition items at the bus and walk with the group over to a warm-up area we will have approximately 40 minutes to do a comfortable warm up and get ready to compete. When our warm-up time is done we will walk from the warm-up area over to the stadium and go into the stadium and perform at halftime show for a rating.

3:15 Performance time
After we finish the competition show we will go back to the bus and store all instruments and flag equipment. You must roll up all of your flags and put them back onto the truck. We will then go as a group over to another assigned area and undress back into your band T-shirt and jeans. Students must stay in their band T-shirt and jeans at all times during the day this will allow you access into the stadium and help keep track of you all day. If you are found without the appropriate attire on your parent will be called and you will be asked to be picked up to go home and you will not be invited to participate in any other competitions throughout the season.

After we have finished we will then go back into the stadium and students will use the buddy system to visit concession stands and relax as they watch other bands participate. We will choose a location and sit all together as a group and watch. Students are not to hang out and goof off the entire time. You should get what you'd like from the concession stand and return back to the group to watch and learn from others.
Because we are a small band there will be many other bands that follow throughout the day. Students will be given a specified meeting time before the home band performs. Student should use the restroom before the home band performs because it will be a long time between then and when we leave.

7:05 pm Host band Performance
During the home band performance students must be altogether in the specified location failure to return to the specified location during the home bands performance will result in a 20 point lower grade for the day.
While the host band performs we will stand as they enter the stadium once they begin in their set we will sit down. Students are expected to watch respectfully. You are not to talk laugh or act disrespectful during the home bands performance.

7:45 pm awards
After the home band performs a select group of section leaders and senior staff members will go over to the field to except awards. During awards it is customary to cheer, clap, sing to show your stallion pride. You may not be disrespectful to other groups, have bad sportsmanship or have any behavior unbecoming of a band member.

After awards are over students are to wait in the bleachers in assigned location until the director comes to retrieve you. We will then all walk back to the bus together. Do not stop and use the restroom get a snack during this time. It is usually dark and there are lots of people around so you must stay with the group to ensure that you are not misplaced and your safety.

Once everyone is safely on the bus we will start our journey home. When we leave competition students will be instructed to call their parents and let them know how far we are from the school. They will be reminded of our estimated arrival time 30 minutes from the school.
Please have parents waiting on the bus to arrive at South Columbus it will be very late in the evening and everyone will be tired and ready to go home. For your child safety Please do not have students were waiting at the school for 20 and 30 minutes for parents to arrive. Pickups more then 15 min late may result in loss of students travel privilege.

Aprox arrival time between 10:30 and 11 pm
When we arrive at South students will hang up their uniform bag put their instrument in the cubby, and wait for parents right outside of the band room door. Again it will be late and dark for your student safety please do not pick them up at any other location other than the band room parking lot. Students are not to be picked up in the back of the school or at the office you horseshoe parking lot.

There are 43 band members therefore everyone must be responsible for their own equipment if students do not hang up their uniform properly or take their flag or instrument or any other equipment that they have off of the truck and put it properly into the band room they will lose 15 points off of their grade.

Rules to Remember
·       Students must stay in band T-shirt and jeans the entire day. Students may not leave the stadium at any time during the day this includes going back to the bus.
·       All school rules apply
·       Always be respectful and only do things that are becoming of a stallion band member (someone is always watching)

·       Have FUN!


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