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Tux and Dress Order Forms

Tux and Dress Order Forms

Because Many dresses take 4 weeks Payments are Due Monday Feb 6th. See Hairston for payment plan options if needed.

Tux Order Form 

Dress Order Form
Week 1 Quiz Due before the start of class Friday. Any submissions made during class Friday until the end of class on Monday will receive a 20 point deduction. No quizzes will be accepted after Monday. Practice with a partner for 20 min outside of class (no class time practice will count) Winds -Record and upload your concert G scale and arpeggio in correct audition pattern with a minimum of the 9-10 octave ranges. Percussion -Mallets must learn one rudiment of choice for recording and upload -General percussion must learn a 2 octave G Scale alternating sticking, record and upload.  
20 min Practice – 40 points Scale or rudiment- 60 points Rubric 0-30       Poor Performance, several mistakes in pitch or articulation, missing octaves or arpeggios, missing note in key signature 30-40     Fair but some mistakes in pitch or artic…

All District Audition Location

All District Audition Location

Sampson Middle School
1201 E Elizabeth St, Clinton, NC 28328

guitar music

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Tuesday- Back to school
Saturday- Honors All District auditions

No formal quizzes this week students should be practicing all scales for CTA auditions and exam. (Click links for more info CTA link and Exam link)
Honors students need to make arrangements for me to hear their audition requirements before district on Saturday.

All District Information Registration starts at 8 am on Saturday. All location and detailed audition information is listed on the parent info letter below.
*       Students must find there own ride to and from auditions after you audition please leave the audition school.
*      $10 Registration  Fee if you have not already paid for registration
*      Auditions are behind a screen so students do not need to ware anything special.
*      Be prepared for different articulation patterns on scales.
*      Check solo cuts to be sure you have the correct solo

All honors students must be prepared for district auditions. If you can not attend audition…