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Dec 5th updates

Fantastic Job last Friday!! Two more to go..

Friday Game 5:30 pm  Be ready for the COLD!! (flash back show 😊)
Quiz Due Monday 12/12 :  Intermediates- Concert C and D scale with Arpeggio
                           Honors (and anyone planning to audition for district)- Complete district solo

Helpful District Links
11-12 cuts9-10 cutsRecordings
Parent Information (you can not register yourself this is just for information purposes. Please DO NOT contact anyone other then me with questions or concerns)

Next week (Busy Busy)
Thursday 12/15 Christmas Show-  Arrival Time  5:45 pm  Doors open at 6:30 show starts at 7
Friday 12/16 School Show and Christmas band Party  (sign up to bring something)
Saturday 12/17 Possible Travel to Championship Football Game (more details coming Soon)