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Competition week 1 9/26

We made it to competition week!! Practice practice practice

Monday - trumpet sectional
Tuesday- Morning practice  and saxophone sectional
Thursday- Morning practice   clarinet and flute sectionals
Friday- Band and Booster trailer loading and field  practice 3-6 hot dogs provided for band students (boosters at arrive at 5)
Saturday- South  Brunswick competition...arrival time 10 am -return time midnight
                Band t- shirt and jeans or kakis/jean shorts

Quiz this week: wear your band shoes to practice and class everyday this week( 20 points per day)
Honors: host/ help with a sectional this week

Loading practice: On Friday we will be practicing our trailer and field loading and unloading to ensure an on time departure on Saturday morning. Any parents that would like to help assist the band in field prep/pit crew this Saturday should attend this practice to learn what to do and where to place things. Students will stay after school for a band practice and parents wh…

Game video

Friday 9/23 game video
Here's what we're going to fix this week
Keep working hard! We can do it!

Happening This Week

Happening This Week 9/19

Be sure you have completed all of the following:
1.field trip forms      2. emergency contact form     3. uniform fitting and gloves
Announcement        Sectional 
Monday-    All glove ($4) and shoe money($20) due            Trumpets  

Tuesday-            Morning Practice                                         Saxophones

Wednesday- last day to be fit for a uniform                      

Thursday-                Morning Practice                                    Clarinets and Flutes

Friday-    Quiz 3 due       Football game - tall black socks and gym shorts needed
                 Movie night after school (see movie night info below)  

Saturday- optional competition observation    2pm- midnight      $6 entry fee plus food money          

Additional Announcements
Quiz 3- Participate in 30 min of sectional or lesson time outside of class

Movie Night - If you wish to watch a movie before the game Friday stay after school.dinner options are 1. bring your …

Emergency contact forms

Weekly update 9/12

This Weeks Activites 
Monday 9/12 Quiz 1 due, Trumpet sectional 3-4 
Tuesday              No morning practice ...great job last week :) 
Thursday             Morning practice 7am 
Friday.                Quiz 2 Due Progress reports go home  

I am so proud of all the hard work everyone has put in the past few weeks. We are making great progress and it is going to be an awesome season! Only 11 more charts to go.

Quiz 2 - Everyone- We found love chromatic measures 
     Honors - Choose a solo or an ensemble piece that you can play with your class mates in future weeks 

Due to lack of participation we will not be able to go on the DC trip this year. Refund checks will be written out parents within the next two weeks.