Friday, May 18, 2018

Band Camp Reminder

South Columbus High School
Marching Band Camp

It is time again to prepare for next year’s marching band season. In order for us have a successful and winning season we must take steps to help get our band get started early. We will be having our annual band camp on June 14-15  from 8 am- noon and August 13-17 from 4 - 8 pm.  This camp is completely free and will be held in the SCHS band room. Students will need outdoor clothing, instruments and water for camp.  It is very important that students attend band camp, during this time we learn show music, football music and their position in this year field show. Students who do not attend camp will be very far behind and may not be able to catch up, Please make every effort to attend.  

Parents, it is also very important that you join our marching band remind101 to receive messages, reminders and further information about camp, practices, any other upcoming activities. To join text the message @schsband17 to the number 81010. If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @schsband17 to (910) 210-0264.  If you have any further questions or concern please feel free to message me on remind101 or email.

Friday, May 11, 2018

South Columbus High School 2017 Band Banquet 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 6:30 pm 

SCHS Cafeteria Admission for 1 - $10

 Band Members – no charge

All Tickets must be purchased by Friday May 18th 

See Ms. Hairston for tickets and Band Member RSVP

** please note, because we must order food in advance we can not sell any tickets at the door.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Strawberry Festival Info

Saturday May 5th
Band shirt and Kaki shorts or pants

Meet at the Worthington Funeral Home at 12:30
Address405 E Strawberry Blvd, Chadbourn, NC 28431

Streets close at 1 pm 

Pick up @ 2:30  Please make driving route plans, Ms. Hairston must leave by 3 pm. Parents are welcome to stay and watch or walk with the band to avoid pickup/traffic issues.  

If you wish your child to stay the festival or you are going to be later then 3 pm and wish your child to stay behind please bring a written note giving your child permission to stay at the festival after the parade. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

4th pd Honors

Etude Quiz 2 Due Monday 3/5 (recorded and uploaded onto laptop)

Rubric 20 points each
Tempo (please try to use a metronome if possible) 
Musicality (DYNAMICS!)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Formal concert Attire (new 4th pd students only)

Tux package $106

Dress $60

Money due as soon as possible .. if you have financial hardships please see Ms. Hairston to see if their is one available to you can check out.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Etude Quiz one

4th pd Honors

Etude Quiz 1 Due Thursday Feb 15th (recorded and uploaded onto laptop)

Trombone and  tuba #129 @ quarter note =100
Snares #1 (first 6 lines) quarter note= 132
All others #117  Eight note =110

Rubric 20 points each

Sunday, December 31, 2017

audition information

All-District Auditions Saturday 6th (upperclassmen)
Anyone prepared to audition for all-district band must bring the $10 registration fee Tuesday morning and then complete an audition during class. Please be honest with yourself, if you have not practiced at minimum every other day over break and have already mastered your solo and scales you are not prepared to audition. These auditions are not required and I do not want students to audition if they are unprepared.

All County Auditions (everyone)
Auditions for all county band will be February 6th during school. We will be working hard every day on scales in class to prepare all students for this audition.

Band Exam 
The majority of your band exam will be your small ensemble songs. We will follow the same process and procedures as the quiz a few weeks ago. students will receive more detailed instruction in class. the remainder of the exam points will come from simple house keeping things like turning in your band uniform and refiling old music.

Next semester new class schedule
Because of our growing numbers and increased ability levels we will be beginning a new band class starting next semester.

1st pd Concert Band will be for beginner and intermediate level students. This class will help students with fundamental skills that they may have missed in middle school band while learning new music for the spring concert.

4th pd  Symphonic Band will be for proficient and advanced level students. This class will be to challenge students with more advanced music and skills needed to preform for MPA and the spring concert.

Students have already been notified of class placement based on ability level. Students wishing to move up may audition at exam time for placement in symphonic band. Advanced students have the option to take both classes to help tutor concert band students or learn a new instrument. Because of the instrumentation needed for MPA, proficient and advance students have the option to do just 4th pd or 4th and 1st, they can not take 1st pd only.