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Stallion Classic Week 10/17

Hey Everyone! I have miss your guys, I hope all is well after the Storm last week. We have a very busy week ahead with the Stallion Classic this Saturday. We need all the Parent and Family Help on Saturday we can get!

Please fill out the short survey at the bottom about helpers and a  Nov 5th reschedule.

Monday - No School
Tuesday - (No morning practice )
Wednesday- Trophy Sponsorships Due
Thursday-  Morning Practice
Saturday- Parade and Stallion Classic

In preparation for competition rescheduling I would like to attend a band competition on Nov 5th to replace the two competitions we have missed. Please fill out the attached survey about weather or not you can attend an event on Nov. 5th and any family helpers you are bringing for the classic this Saturday.
Survey Click Here

More Classic Info: We still need flat trailers to load band Equipment and tons of helpers. Cant work all day? That's ok we even need parents to help with the cleanup at the end of the night so its neve…

10/3-10/8 schedule

Awesome Job Yesterday! I am so proud of you guys.

Schedule this week 10/3- 10/8
Monday- Trumpet sectional
Tuesday - Morning practice  and Saxophone sectional
Thursday- Morning practice   Clarinets and flutes sectionals
Friday- Football Game 5:30 Call time
Saturday - Southview Band Day (times coming soon)

More details coming Monday. Be on the look out for any weather updates and notifications.