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Merry Christmas, Merry Christmasarr. Tom Fettke & Thomas Grassi
Mixed Chorus with Concert Band
Three Wooden Crosses Intermediate, Proficient and Advanced Theater Arts, Choreographed by Liliana Rivero White Winter Hymnal  arr. Alan Billingsley
Last Christmasarr. Bryan Sharpe StallionSmall Ensemble a cappella
Cowboy Christmas Band
Perspectives Proficient and Advanced Dance
Parade Thursday 5:15 at TCES in uniform with battery operated Christmas lights (found at dollar stores or Walmart) should finish at TC library at about 8pm

Concert costumes
Needed by dec 14th

Christmas pajamas
“Cowboy” - flannel/checkered shirt any color, and jeans
Upperclassmen need formal concert attire
All white outfit (same from last year is fine)
Beach vacation outfit - flip flops sun glasses beach attire
Winter outfit- jeans or pants and a sweater/ jacket, hats, vest ect

Concert ticket money due dec 14th
Morning practice on dec 14th and 18th