Sunday, September 9, 2018

Week 3

Week 3 
Band parent meeting Tuesday at 7pm in the band room
Morning practice Tuesday and Thursday
 Game Friday 5:30 black shirt kaki pants or shorts.
Sections continue this week (percussion Monday afternoon)

Please be getting needed clothing items for the show. Those will be needed in two weeks for a dress rehearsal. See week one post for full details on what you need.

**Weather plan**
If we have school we will have morning practic, even if it is raining we will go inside the gym. No school=no morning practice. Due to weather there is a strong chance for the game to be played earlier in the week or even next week please watch for  the reminds to stay informed.

Also be on the look out for added practices next week due to lost time. We may be out of school a few days and will need to make up for lost time to be ready for the 29th.

Stay safe this week :) 19 days till our first competition!

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