Sunday, October 8, 2017

South Brunswick videos

Click the links for video and judges tapes

- slow down opens a little
- turn around and horns up
- transitions between sets
- last two sets
- fish and jelly fish

- add more softs
- Add beginning pulse
- more woodwind contribution
- one person is way too loud ("don't try to be the hero")

- flute horn angles!!
- facing the frount all the time
- upper body stabilization
- don't wiggle on holds
- "breathing" motions between sets

- add octaves in mallet parts
- marching cym must play more
- bass drum sticks up and down
- differentiation between accents and non accents
- project visuals up to the press box

- big movements, especially solos
- have more fun
- equipment changes
- always face the front
-no  " cheated movements" everything big

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