Thursday, October 26, 2017

Band arrives at South 8:00 AM
Band leaves for Parade 8:45 AM
Set up tents & fill coolers  (Need lots of strong people regardless of your role the rest of the day!) 8:45 AM
Set up tables & grill/concessions equipment (Need strong people again - tables are heavy, Need Concessions crew) 9:00 AM
Grill crew heats oil & grills, Concession Stand heats cheese & chili,  set up Directors' buffet  10:30 AM
South Columbus  returns from Parade - change; Need bus parking crew & greeter on site 11:00 AM
South Columbus eats lunch (from Grill); Need Gate Attendants on site 11:30 AM
West Columbus arrives - change 12:00 PM
First Pizza order arrives, West eats lunch, South practices 12:30 PM
Open Gate - Need trailer crew, scorekeeper on site 12:30 PM
As noted above, we need a lot of folks capable of putting up tents and setting up tables early in the day.  Once we're set up, if your specific role doesn't require you to be here until later, we may be able to turn you loose for a little while if you need to run an errand or something.  However, there is always plenty of work to go around on Classic day, so please make plans to stick around all day, if possible.  Many hands make light work! We also have a great time hanging out together and showing off our kids & our school!

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