Sunday, September 17, 2017

Week 4

Time to shake off the struggle of last week, don't stress we can make this happen!  Parents if you will be helping us on Saturdays to move equipment on and off the field please attend practice on Friday at 6 pm. If any parents would like to watch a competition preview feel free to come watch around 6:30 on Friday.

T-shirt money is due by Wednesday! several people have ordered more items any unpaid items will be sold after Wednesday. The reorder or second round of ordered items will also be ordered on Wednesday.

This Week:
Tuesday: Morning Practice 7 am
Wednesday:  *Colorguard Practice 3-4 pm
Thursday: Morning Practice 7 am
Friday: Band/Pit crew Practice 3-8 pm Parents arrive at 6 pm
- Please note we may finish early depending on how smoothly things go
-We will be having pizza for dinner if you have special food needs feel free to bring your own food.
- Originally on the calendar this was a game but the game is away so we will be practicing with our parent helpers instead.

Uniform Instructions for Friday
What you need
- Black t-shirt (normally would be your band t-shirt but not necessary today)
- Tall Black Socks
- Gym shorts or similar (absolutely not denim, thick/stiff fabrics underneath or you will be charged $300 for a new uniform)
- White Gloves (in your uniform jacket pocket)
Marching Shoes (new ones will be in by Friday)
- Hair Tie (anyone with long hair must put hair under your hat)

 - short white socks
- Dance shoes will be ordered 
- sofie or short shorts for under dress 
- appropriate undergarments

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