Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 2

Band Booster Meeting this Thursday 7-8 pm in the band room. (extra credit will be given students who's parents/guardians attend)

Uniform fittings Due Before Thursday Afternoon!!! If you have not done so already you must be fitted for a uniform outside of class before Thursday afternoon. Failure to do so will result in failing the class, because you will not be able to participate in uniformed activities.

Tuesday- Morning Practice 7 am   New drill Tue morning, if you miss you will not know where to go
              - Quiz 1 Due ( moved from Friday, only for people who did not come to football game)
              - Colorguard Choreography Quiz 1
Thursday- Morning Practice 7 am , uniform fittings due
Friday- Game 5:30 pm call time, black shirt kaki Pants or shorts, Quiz 2 Due

Quiz 2- Participate in a 30 min sectional outside of class sometime this week (sectionals are everyone who plays your instrument or instrument family example all flute or all low brass)

Goal This Week: Play and march Novus, stand and play the Closer

Grades are being updated on powerschool this week, if you have a bad grade please consider the following reasons you may be struggling.
1. Did you miss morning practice or were you late?
- you get a zero for sleeping in and lose 15 points for being late.
2. Are you wearing sandals to class?
- not only is it a safety issue because of the fire ants but you can not march properly.

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