Friday, August 18, 2017

Week 1

Fantastic Job at our first game. I am so proud of everyone hard work and dedication. If you attended the game Friday you will get a free 100 for a quiz grade that you can use this week or another week on a recording quiz.
Full band selfies are harder then they look. good thing we have plenty of time to try again :) Email me your photos of the game so we can share more 

Paperwork to fill out this week:
1. Order Form Link 
2. Field trip forms (paper copy)
3. Syllabus contract (paper copy)   Syllabus link
4. Emergency Contact Form 

Parent Booster Meeting Thurs 9/7   7-8 pm 
Parents please make every effort to attend we need all the support we can get!

This Weeks Schedule 
Monday- First day of school (we will be outside make sure you bring shoes and cloths you can march outside in)
Tuesday- Morning Practice 7am
Thursday-Morning Practice 7am
Friday- Recorded Quiz 1 Due Bb 3rd (we will be working on this everyday in class don't worry)
              Percussion Quiz- Full section recording of El Cumbanchero percussion feature

Goals This Week: Play and March El Cumbanchero 

See Calendar for full list of Future Events Calendar Link

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