Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Tuesday- Back to school
Saturday- Honors All District auditions

No formal quizzes this week students should be practicing all scales for CTA auditions and exam. (Click links for more info CTA link and Exam link)
Honors students need to make arrangements for me to hear their audition requirements before district on Saturday.

All District Information

Registration starts at 8 am on Saturday. All location and detailed audition information is listed on the parent info letter below.
*       Students must find there own ride to and from auditions after you audition please leave the audition school.
*      $10 Registration  Fee if you have not already paid for registration
*      Auditions are behind a screen so students do not need to ware anything special.
*      Be prepared for different articulation patterns on scales.
*      Check solo cuts to be sure you have the correct solo

All honors students must be prepared for district auditions. If you can not attend auditions you can play your audition requirements for me to receive credit for this assignment.

Helpful District Links
11-12 cuts   9-10 cuts  Recordings

Parent Information (you can not register yourself this is just for information purposes. Please DO NOT contact anyone other then me with questions or concerns)

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