Sunday, November 27, 2016

Third round playoff week

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving Break here is what's to come this week...

Monday- quiz reminder if you did not attend the game Friday you have a quiz due Monday. If you
came to the game you can use your free 100 for this assignment.

Thursday- Tabor City Christmas Parade and tree lighting
                  Meet at TC elementary school at 5 pm in uniform (lights or glow sticks required for safety)  following the parade we will play Christmas music at the end of the Christmas tree lighting at the TC library.

Friday- 3rd round play off   5:30pm Heads up it may be COLD (If we win we will be traveling the following Friday or Saturday but I will not have more info until next week)

Christmas Concert Costume list (reminder we have a show the half day before Christmas Break)

Circus- bright, wacky tacky colors and attire, example: Tutus, crazy tights, long socks crazy layers the crazier the better. I will be ordering everyone a crazy colored afro please bring $5 4th-9th (you can keep the afro after the show lol)

Opener- Black dress pants and Black button up/collared dress shirt, black dress shoes or marching shoes (I have red ties for everyone)

Sparling lights- all black cloths with crazy lights and or glow sticks (you may want/need a book light for music stand)

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