Sunday, September 25, 2016

Competition week 1 9/26

We made it to competition week!! Practice practice practice

Monday - trumpet sectional
Tuesday- Morning practice  and saxophone sectional
Thursday- Morning practice   clarinet and flute sectionals
Friday- Band and Booster trailer loading and field  practice 3-6 hot dogs provided for band students (boosters at arrive at 5)
Saturday- South  Brunswick competition...arrival time 10 am -return time midnight
                Band t- shirt and jeans or kakis/jean shorts

Quiz this week: wear your band shoes to practice and class everyday this week( 20 points per day)
Honors: host/ help with a sectional this week

Loading practice: On Friday we will be practicing our trailer and field loading and unloading to ensure an on time departure on Saturday morning. Any parents that would like to help assist the band in field prep/pit crew this Saturday should attend this practice to learn what to do and where to place things. Students will stay after school for a band practice and parents who wish to help should  arrive at 5 pm. Thanks in advance for your help!

More Saturday Details: arrival time 10am,
pit crew arrival: noon, lunch provided for $1 (2 slices of Papa Johns pizza and a drink ) if you do not want pizza you are welcome to bring your own lunch if you want more then two slices you can order them for $1 a slice ( must be ordered and paid for by noon on  Friday) Please have correct change.
departure time : 1pm, (or as soon as SAT students arrive)
Performance time: 4:50pm
Cost for anyone watching performance not on pit crew or band members $5-$7 (  Price varies at different competitions)
Return time: midnight
Dress: band shirt and jeans or Jean/kaki shorts
Later this week I will post a full list of needed items and suggested items for the day

South Brunswick high School
280 Cougar rd Southport NC 28461

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