Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Colorguard Exam Project
Part 1
  • Create a marching show using these steps
  • Two to three people in each group
  • Choose a theme
  • Choose at least 3 song selections (extra points for self created shows)
  • Choose at least two different items for your show (flag, prop, swing, riffle)
Song 1_____________________
Song 2 _____________________
Song 3_____________________
  • Insert a pic of your chosen flags/ props for each song
Pictures attached _____________________
  • Insert a costume for your colorguard
Costume picture ______________________
  • Create 5 drill charts for a minimum or 8 guard members to one of your show songs
  • - Choose counts (example 16,16, hold 8) holds don’t count as a page
  • - plot first chart then move people based on the space you can move in those counts
Part 2
  • Choreograph the music to your plotted song
  • have at least one A/B section, toss, new move, location change
  • Be sure to create a choreography sheet with a list of your moves and counts
  • Extra point for creativity and skill level

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